Boost your jewelry retail business by wholesale cheap jewelry online

There are several methods to promote your fashion jewelry retail business, including sale promotions, expend marketing strategy, launch new products lines and so on. But for middle -small sizes jewelry retail business, I think lower the cost is the most effective way to raise profits and promote the business. But it’s hard to find cheap jewelry wholesale resources from the traditional and local jewelry wholesalers. Because they hardly can lower their cost, due to too many links in the traditional trade mode. Smart fashion jewelry shop owners have turn to the Internet for better fashion jewelry resources. Wholesale costume jewelry online has helped many jewelry shop owners lower their products cost.

Wholesale cheap jewelry online

Boost your jewelry retail business by wholesale cheap jewelry online

There are two places online you can find fashion and cheap jewelry wholesalers. One is B2B platforms like Alibaba, the other is search on Google. It’s true that there are large number of jewelry suppliers on it, and the prices can be very cheap. But as the threshold of these B2B platforms is low, many suppliers are not professional. Once I bought a bunch of jewelry from Alibaba at very cheap prices. But the wholesaler take more than a week to ship my order. The saddest part is the quality is very poor and they didn’t response to my return request. Many fashion jewelry wholesalers on Alibaba disappointed me in these years. In the other hand, I found that the jewelry wholesale websites which I found by Google are much more professional, and the quality are more stale. I think the difference is the jewelry wholesalers who has their own website has bigger size and manpower to do their job better. Miriblack directory lists a bunch of jewelry suppliers, those can be your reference.

We go online to wholesale fashion jewelry for cheaper prices, but price is not all. In jewelry industry, customers value quality. Jewelry is not one time thing, they will be used for times. And people usually keep a quality-stable impression on stores. If you once sell poor quality to your customers, your customers may always think that the other jewelry in your store are poor quality, which is even bad for a jewelry retailer. So I prefer fashion jewelry wholesalers who can balance between quality and price. This is the part I value most when I choose a jewelry wholesale supplier.

How to Wholesale Jewelry at a Better Price

In the previous post we’ve talked about how to market your online jewelry shop,while it’s important to get the customers into your shop and sell more jewelry to them, it’s also important to control your cost. The lower your cost is the better profit you will make. Wholesale fashion jewelry at the lowest price you can get is an efficient to improve your margin.
You may say that the price of your wholesale jewelry is fixed, you can only get a discount while your order is big enough to reach the supplier’s discount line, that’s true. However, there are a lot more ways hidden by your supplier, they will be afraid that you find it out.

Get better price when wholesale jewelry

Combine wholesale at a time
This is the most obvious way to save cost, everybody knows is. The more you buy the more discounts you will get. Be sure to check your supplier’s discount policy before wholesale, purchase wholesale jewelry according to their discount policy while also depending on your demand. For example, if you need to purchase a necklace by 10pcs, but your supplier offer a 2% discount on 12pcs. That means after the discount you probably will get the extra 2pcs for free with the same money for 10pcs. Then, why not? You just get 2pcs necklaces for free which you can sell them at a good price. The profit to that 2 pcs necklace is 100%. Try not to miss discount like this.

Check your supplier’s SALE category
Manufacturer is like you, they have something for clearance sale sometimes. It’s maybe because the design is out of date, or they have produced too much stock and want to sell it at a much lower price to get the cost back. It’s a chance to you, you probably will find good deals, some designs maybe very classic and at good quality, too. It’s like find a treasure in a vintage store. You can buy them are a very low price and sell at a much higher price.

Wholesale Jewelry at a Better Price

Use coupons offered by your supplier
Now wholesale suppliers also offer coupon to new customers or on a special day, like Thanksgiving day, Christmas, etc. Google your supplier before placing your order with terms like “supplier name coupon”. If they do offer coupons, you will find it. Also pay attention to your suppliers’ newsletter sent to you, they normally offer exclusive coupon code in the newsletter to attract their customers. Use these coupons to lower your cost.

If you supplier have special discount policy that works to you, that will be best. Besides, try to find a best supplier that can coordinate with your business in a perfect way in all aspects. A good supplier is one of the guarantees to a successful business. Wholesale fashion jewelry online is always interesting, it’s also excited to start work with some strangers you find online, however it can also be a disaster. Be bold while careful at the same time.

How to Market Your Online Jewelry Shop

Marking is important to all business; no matter you are a big chain company CEO or a small business owner running your own online jewelry shop alone. Get more and more people to visit your store and buy what you sell is the most basic principle in business world. Big chain companies have their own marking department and abundant resources to use for marking, but to a small online jewelry shop owner, your condition is much worse. Limit resources, limit time even limit knowledge. However, there is always a way out as long as you want to. In this post is five basics you can use to market your online jewelry store. Work them out the best you can, result will come in silent.

5 basic tips for jewelry shop marketing

Build your Facebook, Twitter page
Facebook, twitter is now not strange to anybody. Almost everybody own a Facebook, Twitter account, especially your target customer, young girls and women. They love to connect with their family friends via Facebook, Twitter. Be part of them. Even your shop is small, build your own page. Keep posting useful information to them. Like knowledge of keeping jewelry, matching tips and your new designs updates. Don’t post promotional message all the time, people will get bored of it.

Use other social network like Pinterest, Instagram
Apart from Facebook and Twitter, there are a lot of other social websites that can connect you to other women and girls. Use them to the best. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, you can share photos of your jewelry to Pinterest, Instagram to attract potential customers. Organize your account, take cute photos. Women love cute photos. There are a lot other women community sites like , this site is mainly for sharing cute photos, but you know if women saw some cute jewelry they will love to share it to other sites which will help you to increase your online awareness. What’s more, they are also likes to find your shop and purchase it if they love the item you post.

Build your Email list
As the time goes, you’ll have more and more customers, don’t forget the old ones. Add their email address to your list (you should ask for your customer’s permission before sending emails to them.) Send emails to them frequently. You must have received a lot of promotional emails from other stores you’ve purchased before. This is Email marking (or Electric Direct Mail). Your new jewelry designs, sales designs, other promotional information, etc. Everything you want your customers to know, you can send emails to tell them. It’s also important to not overdo it, otherwise you will annoy your customers and end in less and less names on your list.

Open more shops on other platform
Since you already purchased your stock, it’s no harm to open another shop on other platform like wanelo, Esty , Amazon,etc. More shop means you have more opportunity to meet new customers and sell your fashion jewelry. In the meantime, build your Facebook page audience, twitter followers and email list.

Sponsor Youtubers
There is another efficient way to market your online jewelry shop, sponsor youtubers. There are a lot of women doing Youtube videos now, just check and find a suitable youtuber to your business. For example, you are selling chic fashion jewelry for young girls, then find a young girl who love to share jewelry. You have limit budget, find a youtuber with less followers(they will ask for less as they are not that popular), a less popular Youtube normally will not ask for money payment, you can just sponsor them with your jewelry and offer them a few extra pieces to their followers. Don’t forget to ask them to add links back to your shop, Facebook page and twitter. Also, ask them to require their followers to follow your Facebook and twitter in order to win a give away (which is offered by you).

How to Market Your Online Jewelry Shop

Now you know there is a lot to do to market your fashion jewelry shop online, however you may be bothered by a new problem. How can I do so much work alone? Yes, there are is tons of work need to be done running an online shop alone. But not all work has to be done all the time. After you tried all these marking ways, you should able to know which works best to you. Then, you can stick to that one and do the rest less. For example, you found Facebook and twitter works the best, then other social network just a supplementary, you can do it when you have spare time. As your business grows, you will be able to hire somebody to do this work for you. Or you can just hire somebody to pack packages, ship orders for you and you can do marking work yourself. As marketing work require more creativity and wisdom.

Believe yourself and do your work with heart, it’s your career. Take care of it the best you can, it will pay you back in a good way.

Tips on Boosting Sells of your Online Fashion Jewelry Store

Sells of your online jewelry store must be very important to you as your life is counting on it. While working hard on building your fashion jewelry store, have you thought about how you can boost the sells? What you can do to sell more jewelry and to gain a better profit. Work hard is important but what also important is working smart. In this post are a few thoughts we want to share with you about running an online jewelry shop.

Set your price in fashion jewelry store differently

If you are a beginner in online jewelry retail business or any other online business, you may notice that setting price of your products is not that easy. Some of you may just set a general rate of profit to all the products in your store. However, you should do it differently in order for a better sell, 20% products for a higher profit, 30% for a lower profit and the rest for a normal profit. The higher profit products are for a better profit, the lower profit products are for driving traffic to your shop and the rest normal profit products are just to sell. The price competition on Ebay, Amazon and other sell platform are all fierce nowadays with more and more sellers begin to work online. Traffic is key to an online shop, in general low traffic means low sells or no sells. Thus, you should work hard on driving traffic to your shop. If you work on Ebay, set a few items to bid is a good way to drive traffic to your online jewelry store. Don’t afraid that you probably get a low bid for an item, remember, no pain no gain, it’s OK to invest a little in advance.

Match your jewelry to create a unique jewelry set even they are not natural made to be
Be creative and use your fashion sense to promote your jewelry shop. Match your necklace to a pair of earrings or a bracelet or a ring. Offer a discount to the jewelry set than buying alone. Women love to match their jewelry and if they can get extra discount for a certain set that they love, they will be more likely to pay for it. If you are not good at doing it, pay attention to fashion magazines and learn to do it. The more you learn, the better you will be. Women are born to be fashionable.

Add new jewelry designs frequently

Women love new things and they are easily get bored with fashion designs. That’s why fashion world hold the fashion runways every year. Fashion jewelry are unlike these expensive fine jewelry which can be collectible and wore again and again. Fashion jewelry especially statement jewelry are only for complement an outfit in a while, women need new jewelry to match their new outfits. This is an opportunity to your jewelry shop. However, if you don’t add new designs to your shop frequently, your customers will go to your competitor’s’ stores to buy new designs. So, keep uploading new designs to your jewelry store to keep your customers attracted. You can set a rule, like add new designs every Monday night so that your customers know when they can check new designs in your store. It’s an easy way to increase customer loyalty.

The three tricks above are the most basic tricks to a successful online jewelry retail business. After working a while, you must have your own thoughts about boosting sells. That’s good. Try to summarize it and improve it. The next gold seller is YOU.

Five Key Points to a Successful Online Jewelry Business

Where to do online jewelry business ?

Selling jewelry online nowadays is quite normal with the growing of various selling platform websites like Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Wish etc. If you are one of those who don’t want to take a five to nine job and want to be more free to yourself. Online jewelry business is a good choice to you.

The first step to a successful business is to sell the stuff you are familiar with. Fashion jewelry is a good choice to women as it’s unlike clothing which are various in size. Stock can be much simple. Meanwhile Online selling is unlike in-store selling, there are a lot of key points you need to pay extra attention to.

Five Key Points to a Successful Online Jewelry Business


First, in order to run a successful jewelry business, you need to keep in trends, sell the right jewelry. Do some researches of the jewelry trends in next year before you buy any stock. Combine it with your own experience and style, looking for the most potential well sold designs for your shop.

Second, find the reliable supplier. A reliable supplier is the strong backup to your business. They can save you from a lot of hassles. At the beginning of your online jewelry business, try to find one reliable supplier with a lot of different designs so that they can be your only supplier. You may wondering, Why only one supplier, why not buy from different suppliers for different designs? Well, as a beginner, you need to keep your stock under you budget. Besides, wholesale jewelry from one supplier can enjoy more discounts compared to buying from different suppliers.

Third, Keep your description as detailed as possible. The above two points is the preparing work before you open your online jewelry store. Once you have your stock and shop ready, it’s time to upload products to your online shop. Now most of the jewelry supplier in China can provide you with detailed jewelry photos, you advise your supplier if you can use their photos. When making the description of your jewelry, keep it as detailed as you can. Marking the length of chains, the weight, color, anything that you think your customer may concerns.

Forth, When you have your jewelry sold. Pack the jewelry as careful as possible. It’s important to pack the jewelry delicate, delightful but it’s more important to keep it safe and whole when your customer receives it. Use enough bubble wraps to keep it safe.

Fifth, Last but not least. Be nice and patient with your customers. Whenever your customer come to you, ask you questions about your jewelry, complain that the necklace, earrings, bracelet got damaged on the way. Keep in mind that customers are god. They pay for you not only for the jewelry they buy but also for a good shopping mood. Just be nice and patient to them. Let alone that their feedback determine the rates of your store and future selling.